Anatomy of a Dragon

One of a kind, unique glass like artwork makes each Dragon a collectible.
The Dragon comes complete with its own handmade ceramic bowl and 2-hole silicone down stem.
Our down stem and bubbler technology is expandable and fun!
Besides it's beautiful look, the Dragon incorporates state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes.
Our Dragon is manufactured from medical grade silicone resin rubber, infused with food grade and cosmetic grade colorful fillers.
The Dragon is the first of its kind to include activated charcoal filled silicone.  The charcoal acts as a natural odor absorber, eliminating swill.
Although the Dragon is a large 12" inches tall, the "tidal volume" (the amount of dead space air) is very low due to the special charcoal molded inner cavity and water reservoir. Water reservoir holds a healthy 350 ml.

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