Natural Soap Benefits
LuzArte is a small company out of Arizona.  We have always been interested in using natural ingredients in everything we use, if we can. 
There has always been some confusion about what “natural” means when it comes to natural soaps for sale.  So let us try and clear up the mystery and restate our commitment as an environmentally friendly, sustainable natural soap company.  If an ingredient comes from or is a plant, vegetable, mineral or animal byproduct (e.g. honey or milk) then it is natural. Hence natural soap will use olive oil (from the fruit of an olive tree) and shea butter (a fat extracted from the shea nut) in soaps.
Many people are surprised to discover that choosing the right soap can help with many of the most common skin conditions associated with using commercially available soaps that often contain harsh chemicals, additives and other synthetic ingredients.  Our soaps can help with dry skin, oily skin, acne, sensitive/inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis and other “irritating” skin conditions.

We create our one-of-a-kind handmade soaps with care and love using the finest ingredients available.  All of our soaps are made from natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil just to name a few. We use earth-friendly ingredients like fresh goat milk, shea, mango and cocoa butters. They are scented with essential oils which we make sure are phthalate free. Many are made with goat milk or contain dried flowers and herbs. Our natural exfoliates include lemon peel, ground coffee and calendula petals and more.All things your skin thrives on. So go ahead - treat yourself because good soap doesn't have to be boring!  

Most of the "soap" you buy in the store isn't soap at all. It's detergent (notice phrases like "beauty bar” and "bath bar"). These are made from synthetic chemicals and low-grade petroleum oils. Unlike machine-made soaps & lotions, handmade soaps and lotions keep all of the beneficial characteristics of the ingredients that go into them. Chemical made soap is left with harsh chemicals and none of its original qualities. While that might be great for their sales, it's not so great for your skin. Your skin will feel the difference immediately.

We are dedicated to producing the finest soap products using the very best ingredients available, free of animal products, free of harsh chemicals, and artificial preservatives. We use organic-natural ingredients wherever possible.  Natural handmade soaps are a luxury not everyone enjoys.  Try it, you'll love it!

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