Do we remember LUNA?

Fly Me to the Moon

The Jollies Luna is a fabulous and unique toy that's difficult to understand, until your body explains that it's really quite simple to use, actually, so chill out with the thinking. It's sadly discontinued, but alert shoppers should snatch up any toy with a similar shape for a comparable experience.
Mindblowing sensations. Silicone.


The Luna is a firm silicone butt plug with a unique shape that should please most users, regardless of sex, gender, or orientation. It's a little large for a beginner's toy, so I'd recommend it only to users with some experience in that area, and it's designed for playtime, rather than longterm wear, so keep your expectations in mind. 

The flared base is both thick and wide, making it extremely safe for anal use. Used creatively, it is capable of producing some interesting sensations vaginally, but there are better toys for that purpose. Remember that if you do share a toy between orifices, it must be sterilized to prevent infections. 

It's very important to insert the Luna slowly, and according to the instructions, or the strange shape might poke sensitive tissue or otherwise feel uncomfortable.
  • Who / How / What
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
  • Where
    • Anywhere
  • Body / part areas
    • Anal
    • Indirect g-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The Jollies Luna is made out of a firm yet flexible silicone, with a smooth lube-friendly finish on the insertable portion, and a matte finish that's much easier to grip at the base. It has only minimal give to it as far as plushiness goes, but it does have plenty of flexibility to ease insertion. In my opinion, it strikes the perfect balance between firm and flexible, as I was never frustrated with it collapsing from pressure or refusing to give with my body. 

Silicone is an ideal material for sex toys, as it's non-porous, odorless, and phthalates free, making it safe and pleasant to use.

    • Flexible

    • Not porous at all

    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Luna's design is genius. Its shape matches that of the human body, with a bump well placed to aim pressure at the g-spot through the posterior vaginal wall, or, should you have a p-spot instead, massage that directly. 

It's a bit intimidating to look at, and the shape requires slow insertion. More on that later. The base makes the perfect handhold, although it's too wide for comfortable extended wear and it could get in the way during sex, depending on position. It's worth letting the toy dictate that position, though, because the sensations are pretty darn fantastic. 

Size-wise, it's smaller than it looks. Yet it feels larger. I wouldn't recommend it as a first anal experience, but it doesn't require an advanced user, either. 

As for discretion, any snoop of moderate worldliness will figure out this is a sex toy, but in some decors it might blend in as art to the casual glance. Personally, I'd hide it. For travel, TSA will guess. Your comfort level with that knowledge is the only factor to consider when packing. Don't travel with it inserted, it'll stand out on the x-ray with unpleasant results, and it would be miserable to sit on in a plane anyway.

    • Ergonomic


I ordered the Luna long ago, when news of Jollies imminent demise hit the sex toy world. I loved other toys from this company so much that I knew I needed to own this one, even though various reviews made me a little scared of it. Because I feared I might never review it, I bought it outright, and then it sat in my toybox ignored for a very long time. 

I shouldn't have waited. 

Numerous reviews said it could poke uncomfortably, and that it felt ridiculously large. Plenty of women hated it, even while raving about larger plugs. All of the positive reviews seemed to come from men. I took what advice I could from these reviews, and began to insert the Luna in the recommended backwards orientation. My body said no -- not in a refusing-entry kind of way, but in a you're-doing-it-wrong-you-stupid-brain kind of way. The Luna twisted sideways and slid in, turning itself into the proper orientation without my intervention at some point in the proceedings. I knew when it landed right because every nerve in my body was suddenly throwing a party. It never felt uncomfortable at any point, and the experience was entirely poke free, probably due to a combination of following the directions very carefully, and disregarding the directions entirely the moment my body outsmarted my brain. 

The Luna, to put it simply, rocks.

    • Easy to use

    • Hard to figure out

Care and Maintenance

Lube is a must with anal toys, but silicone toys should never be used with silicone based lubricants. The chemicals which keep silicone in a liquid state in those lubes will attempt to convert the silicone of the toy into a similar state, and liquid butt plugs are useless. So stick to water based lubes. 

As far as cleaning, silicone can be sterilized by boiling, or by rinsing it in a bleach solution. You can even run it through the dishwasher, on the top rack. Sterilization is a must if a toy will be shared between orifices. For everyday cleaning, soap and water will do just fine, as will any toy cleaner. It's important to keep anal toys clean, as silicone will sometimes hold onto smells. If that happens, a baking soda paste will take care of the situation. 

I store my Luna in a small cosmetics bag from the fair trade store. Never let a silicone toy float loose amid toys made of silicone composites, TPR, TPE, PVC, or jelly. A chemical reaction could cause those toys to attack and ruin your beloved silicone. Pure silicone toys can roam free together, but in my personal opinion, I think all anal toys should be kept in separate bags, to guard against any contamination should your cleaning job be less than perfect.

    • Easy to clean

    • Easy to store


Jollies packaging was quite possibly its downfall. While other luxury toys arrive packaged like fine jewelry, all three of my Jollies toys arrived in cracked clear plastic boxes, crushed by shipping, and covered with a gritty heaven-knows-what. These were three separate shipments, so I'm prepared to call it a pattern, not that it's relevant now that the company is no more. 

I'm completely prepared to forgive the packaging anyway, as it was especially easy to slice up and hide in the recycling, which made me perfectly happy. It's not like I don't scrub incoming toys within an inch of their cute little lives anyway.

    • Minimal

    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Okay, so you now all hate me for raving about this toy that's been discontinued for a very long time. You don't want to hear about my dizzying, mindblowing orgasms that left me weak kneed for hours afterwards, or the way I seemed to float, filled with energy yet completely relaxed, delirious with joy, after each use of this toy. 

Prepare to forgive me. 

What makes this toy so incredible is the shape, and while it's gone from this world, there is a toy available now with a nearly identical internal shape. It's the Nob Essence Romp, which is slightly smaller, has a better base for extended wear or use during double penetration, and is made of light natural-feeling wood. While I have not personally tried it, the glowing reviews tell me that it'll be just as effective as my beloved Luna. Eventually I'll buy one, and my own personal comparisons will appear in the follow up review.

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