JACK's Anatomy

Jack follows the natural contours of a man.  A man with a purpose.  The purpose of pleasure!

Let Jack please you today!

Exact duplication of Glans Penis molded from actual male model – the business end of Jack.  The careful duplication of male anatomy enhances sensation naturally.  Why mess with thousands of years of evolution and intelligent design.

Jack hangs to the left.  But even this form has function.  The bend in Jack allows for directional control of self-inducing sensations.  The over emphasized turn is just another tested and confirmed design element.

Jack is a toy not a real penis.  Made from the finest platinum cure silicone.  This medical grade silicone although pure and hypoallergenic, does not react like aroused male skin.  So we designed it to function like the effective pleasure giver it was molded after.  Jack’s shaft is smooth and clean for incredible thrusting action and decreased abrasion.   Although smooth skinned, Jack still remains a man following the true penis shape of engulfed glands.


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