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Remember when I said I wanted a Jollet in every colour? Luz Arte was kind enough to supply me with the perfect Jollet for my collection! Here is the original VPT review of the Jollet, one of my absolute favourite dildos!

Let’s start with first impressions: upon taking this Jollet dildo out of the box, I noticed that the colours of my toy were quite a bit different than the picture on the website. This is to be expected, given that these beauties are hand poured. The Jollet was also quite a bit firmer than expected, which worried me a little. I am not a fan of high-intensity dildos, so the firmness combined with it unique shape had me concerned. This is not a cheap toy, and my stomach sank at the idea of using it once and then relegating it to the back of my drawer. 

Once a piece of sex toy history, Jollets like this one have made a serious comeback. This toy is shaped to fit in the vaginal canal, giving it a unique shape that strays away from phallic and towards fantasy. The Jollet has about 6.5” of insertable length and the circumference is just under 6” at the widest part, making this a large-ish toy. The Jollet comes with a bullet vibrator that can be inserted into the hole in the base of the toy, providing mild vibration. I don’t think the vibrations adds a lot to the experience given how thick the silicone is, but it’s still a nice feature nonetheless.

I decided to give the Jollet a try in the middle of the day (when all normal people use their new sex toys) and with the help of my trusty lelo sona. I figured the more stimulated I was, the easier it would be to relax and try to approach the Jollet with an open-mind 


I found the Jollet a little difficult to insert vaginally. I started with some water-based lube on the first two inches, but quickly had to reapply. There is a significant “hump” about 2 inches from the tip that I had some trouble getting over. It felt initially like the toy had no place to go. Vibrator in hand, it took me a little while to get comfortable enough to actually insert the toy fully. 

When I did manage to get it in, the Jollet slipped perfectly into place. I’m not really sure how to describe the feeling and do it justice: it’s sort of like clicking a seatbelt together, or like slipping your foot into a well-worn Birkenstock. The Jollet seemed to suck itself into the perfect spot and hold firm. 

I would say the Jollet does for your vagina what a butt plug does for your butt - creates a satisfying weight and fullness without the need for movement. I have been known to slip in a buttplug while running to the corner store or doing the dishes, and the feeling of the Jollet was so similar (and so fucking amazing) it got me thinking about the logistics of a reverse strap on harness so I could keep the Jollet in! 

I am on record as only liking dildos I can “thrust” so I have to say this was totally life changing for me. The sensation that the Jollet creates is completely unique; the experience of using this toy is perfect and totally complete without the need for movement. It’s like a key gliding smoothly into a lock - there’s just no need to jiggle it around.

“It’s like a key gliding smoothly into a lock - there’s just no need to jiggle it around.”

When I came, I came hard and I felt like the shape of the Jollet allowed me to notice and enjoy the internal sensation of orgasm in a way I never have before. I felt like I could really feel every contour of my vagina contract around the Jollet, creating hyper focus and additional stimulation that made my orgasm totally unique. Rather than getting lost in the high, the shape and fullness of this toy brought me closer to the experience and deeper into the internal sensations of orgasm. 

Another great thing - this toy did not move an inch. I have shot dildos across the room (almost literally) if I’m not holding them while I come. The Jollet almost feels like it creates vacuum suction, so my orgasm - which would normally force out a dildo - seemed to pull the Jollet tighter.

All in all, this is a FUCKING mind blowing toy and I want one in every colour. I would suggest that beginners start with something a little slimmer to get used to the sensation of a dildo, but this is the perfect toy for anyone will moderate to significant experience. Jollet is *truly* a game changer. 

**While this toy is safe to use anally, I’m not sure how much you’d get out of the experienced given the shape is designed for vaginas. If you’ve tried it - let me know what you think!



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