Jollet by Jaycee Crosby 8/7/2020

It took me 10 years to try again with dildos. I strongly believe that a person's first sex toy can be a make or break. I was 18 when I bought my first vibrator. A $20 pos I chose based on heteronormative ideals of what I should have wanted to make myself cum by. A purple translucent vibrating cock made of material that may or may not have been body safe 🤷‍♀️ The vibration wasn't as exciting as the prospect of being able to penetrate myself. My whole intention when I bought my first toy was to figure out why I couldn't orgasm during penetrative sex lol, I thought something must have been seriously wrong with my vagina. An experience that I've learned over the years is so incredibly common among AFAB people. And unfortunately I was only further frustrated by my first attempt at fucking myself with a toy, internally. It did absolutely nothing for me and I decided internal stimulation just wasn't something I could enjoy solo, and quite possibly, at all.

The Jollet from @jolletshavemorefun has been a reclamation for me. I bought this toy after seeing it all over some of my favorite sexual wellness accounts. The shape is so unique and so...queer I had to give it a try.
This dil has honestly changed my experience of solo sex so drastically I can't even really believe how lame my orgasms have been up to now. It feels like I'm fingering myself, with someone else's fingers? That is how I've found myself describing the sensation it provides.
It is firm and pretty girthy. My favorite lube to pair it with has been @sliquid Sassy, branded as an anal lube, it is just thicker than the standard water based lubricant so it provides a smoother glide for figuring out how to work this thing. Using a vibrator externally and a dil like the Jollet simultaneously has helped me to differentiate my body's response to vaginal stimulation in a way that I didn't think was possible with solo sex.

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