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Jollet Is My Romeo

Do you like a toy that will stimulate your g-spot? How about one that can be used for thrusting? Hmmm... how about one that will do both? Jollet's unique design means you can have the best of both worlds. Put her in a harness, or use her alone, add some clit stimulation and enjoy amazing blended orgasms!
Silicone and body-safe, can be used for g-spotting or thrusting, unique.
May be too girthy for some.

A cross between a realistic and futuristic dildo, Jollet is intended for vaginal insertion with the added bonus of g-spot stimulation. Since it is silicone and has a flared base this toy could also be used anally, although its girth may be a bit much for most. 

To understand how truly wonderful Jollet is, you must know that she is specially shaped after a mold of a woman's vagina. The head is nearly 1 1/2” diameter and slightly flattened, easing insertion. The bump that slowly builds up and massages the g-spot peaks at 3” deep and rounds out at a whopping 2” diameter and then slims back down to 1 3/4“ diameter. The best thing about the way Jollet is shaped versus her curved counterparts is that since she is 7” long, she is going to reach the g-spots of both women with short g-spots and those whose are deep, as well as being able to be inserted more fully for moderate thrusting. The three slightly raised bumps at the bottom are comfortable and provide extra stimulation against the entrance when more fully inserted. 

Although Jollet is the ideal shape and size for most women, because this toy is firm and a bit girthy, I wouldn't recommend it to virgins or those who prefer slim-line toys. Jollet could be tucked into a medium size purse discreetly enough, but should anyone find it, they would definitely guess what it was. Therefore, for travel I would recommend putting this toy in your suitcase to avoid embarrassing moments.   

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed when I first opened my Jollet as she was not even close to the color depicted on the website. In life she is a flat medium lavender purple with a touch of glitter inside that is only detectable when you hold her directly up to your face and reminds me of a jelly toy. She continues to remind me of a jelly toy in texture as well; not the matte velvet-soft texture I have come to expect from silicone toys, she has almost a shiny rubber/jellylike texture with a moderate amount of drag when I run my fingers over her finish meaning lube is generally a must to ease insertion. Fortunately, this toy is non-porous (and body-safe) so she doesn't soak up your lube. 

Grabbing ahold of her I note that she is quite firm with only the slightest amount of give when I squeeze tightly. She has no smell or taste, nor does she retain odors from lubes or… anything else. The silicone tends to maintain a cool temperature, even after being inserted for a few minutes so she would also be good for temperature play. Jollet is completely smooth, with no texture making her perfect for beginners or advanced users. 

Jollet does have a flared-base and should be harness compatible, but I do not have a harness and was unable to try it this way. She does not have a suction-cup. Instead, she has a hole in the base that could be used to insert a small bullet (use some lube to ease insertion). The vibrations travel through Jollet pretty well. However, since the only bullet small enough to fit inside her 1/2” diameter hole that I own has very weak buzzy vibes, I don't bother with it. For those who own stronger bullets or are more sensitive, this may work better for you. For me, the slow seduction of my g-spot is enough stimulation. 

A learner's curve is not really needed to enjoy Jollet since her g-spot bump automatically finds the g-spot. Depending on the mood, she can be used by slowly working back and forth over the g-spot, or deeper to explore the little known a-spot (anterior fornix erogenous zone: this is located midway between a woman's cervix and g-spot on the front wall of the vagina and is extremely sensitive to touch). Because of her shape, the bump does not snag the pubic bone like some may, and creates a suction-like sensation inside that is very pleasurable Experience.

As with all pure silicone toys, Jollet is compatible with water-based lubes (avoid silicone lubes as they are not compatible with silicone toys) and is super easy to care for, requiring only mild soap and warm water to keep clean. If you plan on sharing this toy or using her anally I recommend sterilizing with a 10% bleach solution, rubbing alcohol, or boiling water. Jollet should then be stored in a toy pouch as she tends to collect lint, but be sure to add one to your order as one is not included. She can then be stored with other high quality silicone toys wherever you prefer to keep your stash. 


Packaging does not get more simplistic Jollets'. She arrived in a clear plastic box container just large enough to fit the dildo with no included instructions nor instructions on the side. In fact, the only thing it did denote was the words “Jollet” and that it is “100% platinum silicone”. The box would be simple enough to wrap for gifting, but I doubt it would make suitable storage as this toy is a lint magnet and the container does not keep lint out.
Jollet is still in my regular rotation, and I don't see it getting booted any time soon. I've completely given up on the weak bullet, however, and just insert my finger into the empty hole to help me keep the g-spot bump facing the correct direction. If there was anything I would change about this toy, it would be that the toy so easily turns inside and there is no easy way to figure out which way is up without partially sliding it out. Even with this mild annoyance, it remains one of my favorites of all time.

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