Jollies Reviews from the Past.

The Dildo,  The Myth,  The LEGEND!

The Jollie is the most incredible sex toy I have ever used. It can become a powerful vibrator. It can be used vaginally or anally. It can be used alone or with a partner. It can expertly stimulate your clitoris or your g-spot. Use the Jollie for a hot and heavy quickie or a long, slow evening of self-loving. It will not disappoint.


How do I even begin? This toy is a legend. And! Okay, maybe I've been watching a little too much "How I Met Your Mother". But really! The Jollie by Jollies (a now defunct company dedicated to having fun while promoting female sexual health and pleasure) is a rarity. Even more so because of its discontinued status, making it largely unavailable to the masses. I have been lusting after this toy since long before the company went out of business. Thanks to the new EdenClassifieds feature and one of our own awesome community members, I was finally able to get my hands on one. 

It's said that the Jollie was molded from the true shape of the vaginas of real women, so as to provide pressure and stimulation in all the places that most toys miss. In short, the best use for this toy is insertion into the vagina. That's what it was designed to do and that is where it truly shines. Because of its shape, it may also be inserted anally. You may or may not know that you can indeed access your g-spot anally, as there is only a thin wall of flesh separating your anus from your vagina. I believe that this toy has the potential to provide p-spot stimulation as well. Though it was designed for women, people of all genders will absolutely love the Jollie. 

Using the tapered tail end and the handle, you may grip tightly and thrust with your Jollie, you may tap on the end for a pulsing sensation, or you may just grind and writhe against it, feeling the stimulation of the ridges. The scooped tail end of the Jollie could be used for clitoral stimulation if you prefer a broad pressure over that general area. The handle itself has a hole that is slightly wider than most bullet openings. It is slightly stretchy as well, enabling it to hold larger, more powerful eggs and bullets. The vibrations translate extremely well through the firm silicone material. The handle is also highly conducive to partnered play, though it certainly has many benefits for the solo user as well. 
I mayyyyy have also spent some time pretending to shoot my dogs with it while making obnoxious "PEW, PEW, PEW!" laser sounds...I could practically see them rolling their eyes at me the entire time.

Material / Texture

Once upon a time, Jollies toys were hand made. The liquid material was hand mixed, injected into a carefully prepared rubber mold in the shape of the toy and removed once they had cured, rather than being made by automated machines. The Jollie is made of sleek, smooth, high quality, non-porous, hypoallergenic, fully sterilizable silicone. There is no taste or smell. 

Since I received the Jollie Soft, as opposed to the Jollie Firm, I was expecting it to have a bit more give. In reality, it is quite firm, with only the smallest bit of squish when you squeeze it. Still, it has quite a bit of bend to it and the handle is quite flexible. There is a noticeable seam running the entire perimeter of the toy, but it is completely flush with the shaft and I was unable to feel it when using the toy. Its material is something of a lint, dust, and hair attractant, but it's nothing that a quick rinse or proper storage won't fix. The texture is smooth and somewhat matte, with a lovely, glossy iridescence to it. With just a drop of (non-silicone) lubrication, the Jollie smooth silicone becomes slick. It holds lubricant well and the velvety texture provides just the right amount of friction. 

Look at this thing! Isn't it dreamy?

Design / Shape / Size

This is hands down my favorite toy design ever, though the Fling by Nob Essence is a close runner up. The shape is absolutely perfect. It's flawless. It's beyond compare. 
Overall, it is sensually curved and beautiful to look at and to hold, though it is not the most discreet toy. The tapered, rounded tip is shaped vaguely like the head of a cock, with a very slight ridge to mimic the glans. Its soft point is designed to nestle beneath the cervix, rather than jabbing directly into it, though I suspect that placement will vary from person to person. Moving back from the head, the shaft swells deliciously into a g-spot pressure point that simply cannot miss, massaging with an intensity I have never felt before. The handle has a ring for gripping and a ridged front for enhanced clitoral stimulation. The hole in the handle is also designed to help absorb the impact of thrusting as the handle pushes against the clitoris. The back end tapers to a point, allowing for more room to grip and maneuver the toy. 
The Jollie is precisely 8" from tip to tip. The head is tapered from 1 1/2" to 1/2" tall and is about 1 3/4" across at its midpoint. The shaft is 2" across and 1 7/8" tall at its widest, narrowing to about 1 1/8" across and 1 1/2" tall at the point where the handle meets the shaft. The handle is approximately 2 1/4" long, with an egg-shaped opening between 1 and 1 1/4". It has about 4 1/2" of insertable length and the tail end is about 2 1/2" long. 
Happily, the handle is actually long enough to reach my clitoris. In my review of Lelo's Ina I discuss the C-V ratio, which also comes into play here in terms of the placement of the ridges and the bullet opening on the handle. It fits me well. I can enjoy vibrations from a bullet or grind against those lovely ridges. The bullet hole is wide enough to comfortably fit any of my fingers, including my thumb, giving me superb leverage for thrusting. Unfortunately, it's actually a little bit too big to hold my current favorite clitoral vibrator, the WeVibe Tango, but with a little lubricant it can stretch to hold a standard bullet, like the Multispeed Basic Vibrating Bullet available from EdenFantasys. 


This thing feels like it was made just for me. It just melds perfectly to my insides. It provides the most incredible sense of fullness, without feeling uncomfortable or overly stuffed. There is constant, insistent pressure on the g-spot, there is a gentle nudging of the cervix, there is subtle stimulation from the clitoral ridges, and if you add in a vibrator, the whole thing kicks into high gear. Gripping the handle or the tail end gives you the perfect amount of control for gentle or vigorous thrusting. What more can I say? It's freaking perfect. 

I found this kick-ass diagram of the design elements of the Jollie. It sums things up pretty well. 

Care and Maintenance

Jollies LLC claims that the Jollie can be used with any kind of lubricant, whether it's water- or silicone-based. To be on the safe side, I will continue to only use water-based lubricant with this toy. For a quick clean-up, you can simply use toy wipes, toy cleaner, or antibacterial soap and warm water. For full sterilization, you can place it in a ten percent bleach solution for ten minutes, boil it for five minutes, or put it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Jollie women’s sex toys can be used with any lubricant, water or silicone based. 

I store my Jollie in the plastic box it came in. Partially because I haven't found it a proper drawstring bag yet and partially because I kind of want to hang on to the original Jollies packaging. It is a legend, after all. It almost feels wrong to throw it away (or recycle it).


The packaging is simple plastic, with flaps that open easily. I understand that Jollies were originally packaged with tissue paper as well. I'm uncertain if it came with any user's instructions initially, since I received this one second hand. The box is not particularly fancy, though it is easy enough to use that it can be kept for storage. Honestly, it may not be the prettiest packaging, but any woman should be overjoyed to receive one of these as a gift! 
This toy is still a fascinating and unique delight each time I use it. I don't use it regularly, but when I do I'm reminded of a sense of perfect, comfortable, and stimulating fullness that no other toy affords. If you can get your hands on one of these bad boys, I highly recommend it.

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