Sex toys moulded to your body 11.13.2020 by Lea-Mai

It's no secret that I talk a lot about sex toys, which means I have quite a collection of them. From a variety 
of brands and price to material and quality. Something I've never tried is a sex toy that is moulded to your 
body. There are plenty of at home kits to create your own sex toys such as; clone a willy which is moulded 
from your body. I recently discovered Luzarte which manufacture in high quality silicone sex toys that are 
designed to fit the inside of your body and provide maximum pleasure.
I picked up the purple glitter daisy jollet which retails for $110 (£83.48) as this is handmade. This is 7.5" 
tall, with 6" being insertable. This changes circumference to hit the g-spot comfortably whilst also having 
ridges below for added pleasure. The base is flat providing extra sturdiness and support. The base also has
a 3.5" hole for the option of inserting a small bullet vibrator for extra stimulation. Make sure to use a 
water based lubricant, when using the bullet vibrator as it makes for an easy removal due to less friction. 
My favourite thing about this is that they focus on women's pleasure. Compared to other sex toys this is 
moulded to give you maximum pleasure based upon the inside of your cervix. No more waiting around to 
hit the right spot for the 'big O' when this does all the work for you! Not only does it provide maximum 
pleasure, but they also have a variety of styles available to choose from which I've never seen from 
another company. These are pricier than your 'average' sex toy, however this will last a lifetime and is 
such high quality compared to other sex toys that die out over time. 
Luzarte have a variety of styles including; jolletsjollieslunasthrusts and accessories 
such as an organic cleaner and lube. They vary and in price and are extremely high quality 
sex toys that will last you for years to come if looked after correctly.

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