The "REACH" Adaptable Handle for the Jollet

LuzArte has developed the Reach. An adaptable handle for the Jollet or any toy that will fit into the Reach's Bullet form. 

We developed the Reach to create more access to our Jollet for anyone that requires help with hanging on to a slippery rubber object.

The Reach design incorporates a stiff but fully pose-able handle that fits snugly into the bullet hole of the Jollet.  The Reach extends the length to the Jollet by 12 inches, and is covered by a softly molded in place platinum silicone. 

The Reach by LuzArte uses a unique and robust internal mechanism to create the necessary articulated movement.  Through careful testing and redesign, the Reach is pose-able but strong enough for play.

The Reach has  molded in connectors on both ends that fit our Jollet Bullet Form, Bivi Percussion Wand, or another Reach for over 2 feet of fun.

The Reach should be positioned prior to use to minimize frustration and comes preformed (Bent) for use as a handicap accessibility tool.

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