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Over the past few years, there’s been a handful of retired sex toys that I’ve consistently found myself revisiting. Time and time again, I would return to read the smattering of reviews I’d found written about them. These ritualized readings became an avenue for me to live vicariously through each individual writer’s account of these toys. I particularly enjoyed looking at images and savoring in-depth descriptions of how brilliant these, now defunct, sex toys had once been. Believing this was the closest I’d ever get to experiencing them for myself.

Since I’m being completely honest with myself, here. I must confess, that a couple of these decommissioned toys eventually grew to occupy an almost myth-like presence in my mind. And that is exactly what the until very recently retired, Luzarte Polka-Dot Jollet, had morphed into in my imagination.

The fuzzy-ball infused silicone dildo, the Polka-Dot Jollet, had begun to take on the form of a legend in my mind. I was enchanted by the thought of it. An eclectic piece of sex toy history that I thought I would sadly never have the occasion to experience. I’d relented to the inescapable fact that it would always and forever remain out of my grasp. (Dramatic much?)

Guess Who’s Back?

Luzarte Jollet Polkadot

Lucky for me, I’ve been quite vocal about my painful regret of never having had the chance to experience this mythical sex toy of lore. Honestly, never once did I image the Polka-Dot Jollet might someday return to production. I genuinely thought my window of opportunity had long since been slammed and nailed shut.


Nonetheless, thanks to my public lamenting, via social media, a kind and helpful reader reached out to share some shocking news with me. The Jollet was back!

I was floored, my first thought was, “What? How? Could this really be true?” Could my dream of owning a true legend in the world of indie sex toys finally be coming true? Desperate for this to be the real deal. I clicked the link provided to me in the email. Sure enough, yes, it was true!


The next day I reached out to Luzarte and asked them if I could review a Polka-Dot Jollet, and they happily obliged. I couldn’t believe my luck.

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