Valentine's Day is coming Up. Remember to shop for your Valentine's Day JOLLIE !

We are updating the look of our wonderful Valentine's Day Jollie.  So we wanted to remind you of what Jollie used to look like, why it's a wonderful gift and what has been said about it.
Remember, all Jollies are personal.  They are all handcrafted and one of a kind and every toy made is unique to you, it will be of similar color and exactly the same shape you choose, but the colorations and especially this Valentines edition will be slightly different.
You can see from the image above how perfectly this dildo fits.
                                       A. Hits the cervix,
                                       B. Gives pressure on the G-spot,
                                       C. Hugs and cups over the clit,
Every toy made is made of 100% platinum silicone and each Jollie is anatomically designed to fit perfectly and stimulate directly in 3 places, see the diagram above.
Midnight Boudoir, "I first saw The Jollie a few years ago and fell in love with the anatomical designs being so unique to any other shaped dildo I have ever used. I have tried so many dildos in my 26 years of using sextoys but nothing as beautifully shaped and crafted as this Jollie !"
The Jollie has a handle that doubles as a clitoral arm almost like a rabbit style dildo as you are getting dual stimulation internally and externally. The handle is long enough to sit inside your labia and hug your clit. The inside arm has 8 pronounced firm ridges, so every slight movement will stimulate the clit. Your own vaginal muscles naturally holds the Jollie inside firmly clamping the handle against you.
The ergonomic handle has a hole to slip your finger or thumb and the back sweeping angle enables you to comfortably hold and control the Jollie perfectl
The Jollie is designed to insert after a little foreplay or after a smaller insertable toy with plenty of your favorite water based lube. Because it has a firmer silicone it really does insert easily, don't be nervous of its larger girth as it slides in smoothly with the delicious slow popping feeling as your vagina pulls it easily in; this is one hell of a sensation if you haven't ever felt this before with a dildo.

If you have felt this before, the Jollie's shape emphasizes it when your kegals will just suck it right in where you can feel it settle smoothly into place. The toy works against your movements for more stimulation.

This is NOT a thrusting toy as it fits like a glove..yes, a glove it really does fit snugly. To get the full benefit from this brilliant toy you need to relax and just take in this whole feeling of fullness and gently move your hips, clench and unclench or simply wiggle or jiggle a bit or better still grind yourself onto it and you will stimulate all 3 sweet spots at the same time.
The ultimate orgasm is to add powerful vibes to the base and handle of the Jollie.  If you want vibrations on your clit then there is several ways, either find a small bullet vibe and slip in through the finger hole. The best way is to add the vibes directly to the base and clit arm to intensify all the sensations.

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