What are "Silicone Fingers"?

Many people have asked us. What are these silicone fingers in your soaps?
Well, Our fingers are actually king of high tech.  
We start with a design modeled on a computer.
Soap Silicone Fingers
We design the shape of the "fingers" that go into a soap form.
Once we have our final design, we build the 3-dimensional forms on our rapid prototyping machine, and then make our proprietary molds that produce the fingers and the soaps. 
The fingers are made from medical grade silicone resin.  It is a two cross linked silicone not injection molded like that mass produced junk!
The fingers do not separate and will last a long time, much longer than the soap!
Feel free to continue using the fingers as a scrubber or a soap dish for other soaps. 
We try to make them pretty because we know they are going to last a long time. 

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