Your Prostate's New Best Buddy!! Published: December 7, 2010

Review by Owl Identified.

Jollies LLC brings you another funky looking, slightly confusing brain-teaser of a toy that rocks your world and sends shivers down your spine by way of the Luna. With a little patience and concentration, the Luna can be comfortably inserted to provide some of the most intense prostate or G-spot stimulation you've ever enjoyed. Don't be put off by its looks; challenging though it may be, the Luna is well worth the time and energy!

Ah, Luna. What an oddling you are. Luna is a truly challenging toy in most senses of the word in application to sex toys. Luna is made from Jollies' notoriously dense and inflexible medical grade silicone - as you can see in the video there is virtually no give to it. So while it's a bit more forgiving then glass and's not all that much so. The Luna is intended to be used as a butt plug, though it could also be used vaginally, so this density may be a problem for anal novices when combined with its girth and unusual shape. With an insertable length of 5.5 inches (from top to bottom when curved, not a full measurement of the shaft itself if it were stretched out straight alongside a ruler) and a maximum width of 1.5 inches at its thickest sections, this is an intermediate sized dildo, leaning perhaps more toward the expert range. While the dimensions themselves are likely not too challenging for most intermediate anal players, the winding lines of Luna realistically put this more in the advanced player range. My partner is the one with the prostate, so we used this anally on him. He is what I would consider an advanced player who can take some pretty damn big toys once he's warmed up, such as the Tantus Squirt. But the Luna took a shockingly long time to get in, and while my partner didn't experience pain (pain should be considered a sign to stop any anal play immediately!) he definitely experienced a good bit of discomfort while we were maneuvering this guy inside.

The trick, which is demonstrated in the video, is to warm up a bit and then when you are ready slowly insert the shaft until you hit the sharp curve. You must work gently here or you may end up jabbing or stretching yourself uncomfortably and possibly even painfully. Slowly and with gentle pressure, begin to tilt the inserted portion backward (away from the belly button, toward the back) by gripping the base. Once you have tilted the inserted portion a bit, begin to push the toy carefully and slowly upward into the anus while continuing to point the tip of the toy backward. This allows to slant of the middle of the shaft to be streamlined and made to line up with the anus. One the entire slant has been inserted, pause to relax for a moment, and then tilt the toy forward (toward the belly button) until the anus closes around the neck. Be sure to use plenty of lube because this process involves plenty of friction, and feel free to stop apply more lube to the anus and the portion of the toy that remains outside of the rectum. Thick lubes are highly recommended to reduce friction! Just be careful to keep the base relatively lube-free so that you can keep a firm grasp while you're inserting - you will need it!

Once the Luna is in, it is virtually a hands-free toy. I know, I know, a lot of butt plugs and prostate stimulators claim to be hands-free but actually require lots of wiggling, rocking and prodding. Not so with the Luna. This plug may be a huge pain in the ass to get in, but the Luna is not bizarrely shaped just for the sake of novelty. Its unique shape allows for the lower half of the shaft to sit comfortably in your butt and give you that nice "full" feeling, while the upper portion presses forward with TREMENDOUS force on your prostate or G-spot. Luckily you get that pressure just at the top where your prostate or G-spot is, as opposed to all throughout your butt - which would probably be kind of unpleasant.

Generally speaking this is one of the most amazing anal toys I've ever experienced, and my partner has put this way, way at the top of his list of anal toys. However, it's not perfect. A few points seriously threaten Luna's reign over other butt plugs and prevent it from winning first place for us. For one thing, it could probably stand to be a bit thinner - not because it is so unreasonably large, but because it really does make it a two person task to get it in when you factor in its shape. Luna also has a rather pronounced seam that runs vertically down the toy on either side and is unfortunately present with every Jollies toy I own.

The silicone itself is very dense and that makes this seam extra unforgiving on the anal walls. My partner is less sensitive to these kinds of things and didn't mind it, but I definitely noticed it when using it vaginally. Finally, removing this toy is an absolute NIGHTMARE. I can't quite explain why, perhaps its because after orgasm all the initial excitement is gone and you're less motivated to work with the toy. It's also, I think, because when removing a butt toy you're much more anxious about um, mess. In any case, we took twice as long getting this thing out because my partner kept swearing it felt like he had to poop. He didn't, but this plug induced the ghost-poop-feeling like no other. I don't think this would be uncommon either because of the shape.

In spite of these issues though, this is still an incredible toy that ranks among the top three butt toys in our very large collection. It's a truly unisex toy that works wonderfully with most bodies. While my butt was not brave enough to try this, it seems that it would be equally effective in stimulating the G-spot because it is right beyond the anal wall in the spot that the toy bends and straightens out. It also works surprisingly well when used vaginally, although it won't work for all bodies. My G-spot is shallow and located very close to the front of my vagina. Luna kind of misses the mark by an inch or so. For those with deeper spots though? This would probably blow your mind! If you need clitoral stimulation to get off though you may have some difficulty due to the size of the base, but depending on the lay-out of your vulva you may be able to rock the base against your clitoris for some very yummy pressure. I was able to do this and the combination of the friction against my clit and the rocking inside my vagina gave me great combo orgasms.

Luna is made from 100% silicone, making it non-porous. This means that microbes can only collect on its surface and cannot be absorbed into the toy's material itself. Therefore a thorough cleaning of the toy's surface is all that's required to make it nice and clean again. For daily cleaning you can simply lather the toy with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, and for more thorough sanitization you can wipe Luna down with a 10% bleach solution or boil it for 3-4 minutes. Make sure the water is at a rolling boil; due to Luna's density it will sink and rest on the bottom of the pot without a rolling boil. You can also hold Luna in the water with a slatted spoon or a pair of tongs so it won't rest on the bottom of the pot - which can be hot enough to warp your toy. Please only use water based or oil based lubes with your toy: no silicone lubes! Finally, do not store your Luna openly with soft toys made from non-silicone materials like TPR, TPE, jelly or rubber as it can warp or melt these materials.
Follow-up commentary
Technically I like this...we like this still. I wish there were a "I like this still...sort of..." option because that's how I feel. This hasn't gotten a ton of use because it takes a lot of prep to insert anally and vaginally I just find it really tedious to maneuver. It's eventually worth the trouble because it hits the prostate or G-spot like no one's business, but we don't always have the stamina for this one. Still glad to own it because it fills a niche and applies a kind of pressure that few other toys can, it's just not an every day toy for us.


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