To Thrust or not to Thrust: That is the Question by Gone77 12-06-2009

The Thrust is a quality silicone toy whose shape, while initially confounding, is its greatest feature. I think those looking for something a bit different from a typical dildo will be pleasantly surprised.

100% silicone, ergonomic design, good for G-spot stimulation.
Might be awkward to use for some, shape might not fit everyone.
Rating by reviewer:  4
extremely useful review


You can either thrust with the Jollies Thrust as its name implies, or you can simply insert it and squirm or move your body against it for slow G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Will you thrust the Thrust or will you thrust against the Thrust? Personal preference and experimentation will determine that.

You can use it anally if so desired. There's a hole in the clitoral curve where you can insert a bullet of your choice and that will further stimulate your clit, or if you have it inserted upside down (or right side up?), will stimulate your perineum and anus. When used anally on men, I would think it would provide stimulation of the taint and possibly balls

Material / Texture

The Jollies Thrust is 100% silicone and the texture is super smooth. There is a seam running the length of the toy but I didn't notice it while using it. The seam is definitely not sharp or in any way unpleasant to the touch. It's extremely flexible to the point that it is floppy. It's so floppy you could whap the crap out of someone with it if the need or desire ever arose. But its floppiness does not hinder its use. It has some give to it when you squeeze it, but it's firm enough for penetration. The Thrust is devoid of smell and taste.

Design / Shape / Size

As has been noted in other reviews and is obvious from the pictures of the product itself, the Thrust is a very oddly shaped toy indeed. However, it's ergonomically shaped to fit your body. Or at least some people's bodies. I have a feeling it might not be shaped well for some. Obviously, I can't tell you if it'll work for you. There is only one way to find that out. I can see how the shape might confuse others, and I think it would've been a good idea for Jollies to provide an illustrated instructional booklet for those who find use awkward. It has a nice base which is harness compatible and is useful when thrusting solo. The base leads up to a pronounced curve bit that nestles against your clit or perineum and/or anus while inserted. This curves down and back to accommodate the first few inches of your vaginal opening. Then it curves forward and into a sort of knuckle (for lack of a better word) that is meant to stimulate the g-spot. What follow is a couple extra inches of toy that extends to the cervix.

It's 8 1/2 inches long with only 6 1/4 of them ideal for insertion. At 1 3/8 inches thick at its widest part, I find it's not too big and not too small. Some might say it's just right. I think the Thrust is a good fit for both beginners and advanced users. While I usually prefer fairly thick toys, I think the Thrust is sized perfectly for its intended use.

I love the fact that you can insert a bullet into the clitoral curve or you can crook your finger into the hole and use it as a handle. While not of compact size, I think the Thrust would be suitable for travel due to its flexible nature and its light weight. Given its odd look, you should be able to leave this out without worry of someone knowing what it is. I think it's too floppy to pass as a piece of art, but it shouldn't raise eyebrows apart from its odd shape. This is where you can get creative should you have to explain it away.


The best thing about the Thrust is definitely its shape. It fits me like a glove to the point that it almost feels like it's a part of me and I might not notice it. Only I *do* notice it because it's thick enough to make its presence known. So how does something be those two things at once? Honestly, I don't have an answer but the Thrust excels at this.

I'm a huge fan of thrusting. Simply inserting the Thrust and moving against it does very little for me. I think I would enjoy using it more that way if I had a bullet to insert into the clitoral curve. The one time I touched a vibrating toy to the curve the sensations were very pleasing. Without the vibrations, it did not provide much interest for me as a foreplay toy. It's a shame it doesn't come with an optional bullet. It works best when I am already warmed up, so to speak, and my G-spot is already engorged. The knuckle hits my G-spot very nicely and it feels good when I thrust. However, I prefer something stiffer for thrusting. There's nothing technically wrong with the Thrust, it's just my personal preference.

Care and Maintenance

You can boil, bleach, or throw the Thrust into your dishwasher. You can also clean it with toy cleaner/wipes or soap and water (I prefer antibacterial soap). Since it is silicone, you will want to use only non-silicone-based lubes with it to avoid damaging the Thrust. I hear some silicone lubes do not hurt silicone toys, so if you believe you have such a lube, I suggest you do a small test on the base of the toy first before use just to be absolutely sure. Silicone loves to pick up lint and dust and fibers so I recommend at least rinsing yours before use. I actually give mine a quick soap bath before each use. As for storage, I store mine with other similar toys in a sex toy case.

Personal comments

I'm torn between liking this toy and being indifferent toward it. I doubt I'll reach for it very often when playing, but I know it'll be perfect for those times when I want something a bit different from the usual dildo shapes. Like I said in the review, there's nothing technically wrong with the Thrust, but I prefer my thrusting toys with a bit more oomph.