LuzArte is run by Luz Chavez, a knowledgeable herbalist.  Together with her designer, with over 30 years designing products for the medical and aerospace industries, they produce one of a kind art pieces and fun products for everyday use.

Most designs are manufactured from in-house CAD (computer aided design) and Rapid Prototyping. Together with modern and old resin casting technologies, LuzArte can produce its wide range of creative products from, waxes, soaps, silicone rubbers and ceramics.

Together with specialty herbs and ingredients, Luz utilizes these technologies to produce, lip balms, healing lotions, functional soaps, effective personal masagers, soothing candles, and even herb smoking products!

Sold only through www.luzarteproducts.com , feel free to email Luz for custom orders at luzarte2016@gmail.com