Flame Jollie
Flame Jollie
Flame Jollie
Flame jollie
Flame Jollie
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Gold and purple flame Jollie


Awesome Gold and Purple wisps of color in this translucent blue Jollie.  As with all our Jollies, one will never look like another, but they're all beautiful!

The  Jollie is beautiful and like all Jollies it is designed for g-spot stimulation.

The Jollie's classic design is anatomical in nature and very functional. Its odd shape came from a mold of an actual woman's vagina utilizing state-of-the-art silicone manufacturing technology. The Jollie is not made for thrusting. 

Please let us know how you'd like your Jollies personalized and we will do our best.


Material:      Silicone

Texture:      Smooth

Safety features:    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free

Size:Length:           7 1/2"

Insertable length:   4"

Circumference:      5 3/4"

Diameter:               1 3/4"

Weight:                  1 lb

The Jollie can be used with water based lubricant. With proper use and care the Jollie should last a lifetime. Clean the Jollie with soap and water to remove lubes and grime.  Jollies is the only sex toy manufacturer to offer a platinum based crystal clear silicone.